Gruffallo a 4.D

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

The Gruffalo tells the story of a mouse who goes for a walk in the wood looking for food.  On his way, he meets a fox, and owl and a snake who invite him to dinner, or rather to be eaten.  The mouse makes his excuses, saying he is meeting an imaginary beast, the Gruffalo, for tea. Terrified, the other animals flee. But little does the mouse know, the Gruffalo actually exists.

The Gruffalo, by Julia Donaldson, is a popular story with younger children in the UK.  The story rhymes,  which makes it easy to remember, and the illustrations, by Scheffler, are memorable.  The book has been made into a play, a film and translated into 43 languages.

About the authors

Julie Donaldson is a British writer, playwright and children’s laureate.  She has published over sixty books for children since 1993.  Many of her books are illustrated by German born illustrator Axel Scheffler.

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